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“The most beautiful makeup is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy”
Yves Saint Laurent

We are an all-encompassing
beauty advisory firm

View from 32 partners with exceptional brands, retailers and investors in the beauty + wellness realm, offering them a unique, multi-layered approach that gives them a competitive edge, invaluable insight and access to key partners in the industry.

Through customized strategies tailored to a company’s specific needs and goals, we are able to add value to businesses during all stages of growth: from the incubation period to emerging and established standing.Our combined  experience of over  four decades at Sephora and other major industry institutions gives us an in-depth grasp of the retail, marketing and digital spheres, as well as access to an extensive network of collaborators.

As passionate storytellers, devoted beauty consumers and hands-on advisors, our purpose is to establish long-lasting relationships with brands we admire and proudly guide them through the ever-evolving beauty + wellness space and on to enduring success.

Our Journey



Cassie Cowman

The Business of Beauty

Descending from a line of entrepreneurial women, Cassie gravitated towards merchandising at an early age. An innate affinity to all things aesthetic brought her to the luxury fragrance world in 2006, laying down the foundation of a remarkable 18-year career in beauty. She continued to cultivate her merchant’s intuition at Sephora—a lifelong dream of hers—collaborating creatively with brands on all ends of the spectrum, helping them develop innovative and impactful strategies that were also financially sound and profitable. After an enriching 6+ years at the beauty behemoth, she moved to New York to take on the role of Skincare Director for Tarte Cosmetics while simultaneously working with other brands of the parent KOSÉ group in Japan.

In 2018, she became VP of Strategic Marketing at Briogeo Hair Care, where she built and led the marketing and creative teams, helping the fast-growing company get to where it is today. She co-founded View from 32 while working as a Senior Consultant for her alma mater, Sephora. The unique ability to turn beautiful, oftentimes abstract concepts into flourishing businesses has made Cassie one of the most sought-after talents in the industry.

Lindsay Ullman

The Trailblazer

With almost two decades of experience in the retail sector, Lindsay made the leap from fashion to beauty after seeing the category’s rapid growth and endless possibilities. The start of her career as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s coincided with the nascent stages of online shopping, giving her a valuable front row seat to the inevitable rise of e-commerce. Sephora came next, where she spearheaded the Clean Beauty movement through a digital lens as Senior E-Commerce Merchant, developing and executing digital strategies for over 90 brands.

In the past few years, she has held senior positions at MAC as Executive Director of Direct-to-Consumer as well as at The INKEY List, as Head of E-Tail, further deepening her grasp of online sales channels and the interpretation of consumer-driven data to a businesses’ advantage. Currently based in Los Angeles, Lindsay’s leadership skills, proven track record and extensive understanding of technologies that improve the consumer online experience help enable brands to win.

Gabriella Giron

The Storyteller

A natural storyteller with a rich cultural background, Gaby has navigated her way through various areas in the beauty industry for over 15 years now. An imaginative mind with a penchant for dreaming up memorable brand story lines and a pulse for the next big thing, she is originally from El Salvador and currently based in Brazil. Her rise in the industry began at the Sephora headquarters in San Francisco where she worked her way up from an assistant position and eventually became a buyer in the skincare category. During this time, she worked directly with brands like Farmacy and Youth to the People, collaborating with them at every growth stage and expanding the retailers’ Clean Beauty and Wellness category.

After 12 years at Sephora, she worked as Digital Lead for Estée Lauder Companies in the EMEA regions in Paris. Her key areas of expertise are buying, e-commerce, business leadership, visual merchandising and brand development. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and avidly working on her Portuguese, Gaby’s expertise, creativity and charm are instrumental to View from 32.

Our Story

“Harnessing the power of three.”

Lindsay, Cassie and Gaby first met at the Sephora U.S. headquarters in San Francisco where the three professionals grew their careers in the beauty industry, establishing a friendship that would bring View from 32 to fruition in 2022.

A nod to the famed 32nd floor of the iconic retailer that gave the trio an unparalleled perspective of the industry as well as access to some of its most important leaders, executives, founders, investors and creatives, the name View from 32 pays homage to their combined time of over 25 years at Sephora. During this enriching period, they helped launch some of the biggest names in beauty, for example, Sol de Janeiro, Youth to the People and Drunk Elephant and were directly involved in marketing campaigns, product development and consulting for brands like Sunday Riley and Farmacy. After their time there, they went on to sharpen their skillsets and broaden their networks at Esteé Lauder, MAC, Tarte, Briogeo, The INKEY List and others.

It wasn’t until a summer trip to Portugal in 2022 when Cassie, Gaby and Lindsay officially decided to join forces and continue to steer brands towards success—this time, as a powerhouse of three. Over verdejos at the beach, they toasted to friendship, passion and continuing to leave their mark on the beauty industry as View from 32.

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We tailor our packages to the unique needs, opportunities and challenges of the business


VF32 offers Merchants On Demand ™ including:
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- Business advisory services provided to the beauty industry


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